Wednesday, December 8, 2010

'God Bless Ye Merry Gentlemen'

Heyya fellas!
Just recover from my chickenpox thing.
And I must do the final exams all alone cos everyone has finished by now.
And OSIS 2010-2011 presents Classmeeting 2010 on this Thu til Sat

Btw it's nearly Christmas!
Am enjoying Coldplay's Christmas Lights. Cooooool

And what I want for this Christmas are:
- coming home savely
- beatles things as I always want
- Maroon5 ticket (which was sold out in 1day. Fuck.)
- meeting with some good old buddies
- and a new bag. My orange Nike bag is totally broken :(
- more shoes shoes and shoes
- The Beatles Rock Band for PSP
- new swatch
- clothes

I think these weren't Christmas wish list but also birthday wish list ha ha
Yea whatever
Just saying, not hoping to much

God Bless You All, sleepyheads!
Have a great Christmas

Btw today (Dec8) is the celebration of John Lennon's death.

Kay, see yah!
Iloveyoudearsomeone :]

Friday, October 29, 2010

LDKS Luar Kota CPO SMA Santa Maria Surabaya


We departed from our school at 6.30 in the morning. Using public transportation (bus, bemo), me and 5 of my friends went to a place somewhere in Pacet from Surabaya. We were the 1st group to go.
Arrived at Narwastu, we built a camp. Not too successful but nice enough.
Then after all groups arrived, we went to explore the place. There were some stops. The games in every stops were AMAZING.
We got some lessons too that day. Theories. meh.
Oia that day was Pak Wiwid birthday so the teachers did some craziness ;)

In the morning we went for another adventure. NICE. CAN'T WRITE HERE. NOT ENOUGH. HAHA.
In the afternoon we must make our own event. The event was outdoor, but it was suddenly raining so that we had to move indoor. And I was the MC. I was very sad because I made a lot of mistakes :(
Then at night we, one by one, alone, by ourselves, walked around that place, in the darkness. Kinda scary. But nothing happened ;)

Went home aaaaaa how I love the floor! We hardly found floors in Narwastu. Just soil. haha. We went home using a truck. nice and tiring.

I love LDKS nyaaa :D

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jealousy Kills

Don't be jealous. It will kill you. Like it killed me.

For example:
If you want to kill your girlfriend, don't shoot her in her head. Sleep with another girl. She'll kill herself.

I am jealous. To my friends who are still in Jakarta.
To their new friends who are taking my position.
To every men and women who have a greater life than me.
To every living creatures.

Stop bein jealous, keep living.
Be jealous, you're dead.

I am trying not to kill myself.

And I, love you so much, dear you-know-who-you-are.

Don't let me down.

This is out of range.
So bye.

Monday, October 11, 2010


*annoying orange mood*

LDKS Dalam Kota SMA Santa Maria Surabaya

Saturday, October 9.

In the morning, our school had an edufair event. Besides, we got our mid-term report.
In the afternoon, at 2 p.m., we (all of the CPO or Calon Pengurus OSIS) attended the LDKS (Latihan Dasar Kepemimpinan Siswa). It was the 3rd step before we become the pengurus OSIS.

In the beginning, kita dikasih training2 tentang how to make a proper formal letter kemaren itu proposal dan LPJ, etc etc. Then after the materi selesai, we played some games and we cooked our own dinner. And we must eat these ingredients such as petai, paprika, kangkung, dll. After we ate (btw, for your information, we skipped mandi), we did some prayer.

The interestiing thing was when Kakak OSIS nya started shouting. She, I mean they, told us that we was soooooo wrong. After that, we were told to wait on the 4th floor. Then the highlight of the day happened:

We, one by one, must walk in the dark, (and FYI again, our school is 60 years old and it may contain...umm, ghosts?) and stopped at several spot yang dijaga sama Kakak2 OSIS. Me, I was the 3rd girl who did this.
1st stop, I WAS SO SHOCKED. It was Pak Wiwid our math teacher. Man! He was just sat there in the corner of the 3rd floor lorong and... oh yeah I thought he was 'something else'.
The rest of the stops were nice. I did this pretty good man. But no doubt I was a little bit scaredddd.

Then we slept hahahahahahahahahaha not a nice sleep but yeah cukup.

Sunday, October 10.

I the morning, I took a bath. Some of my friends didn't, but I did. Then at 6o'clock we dapet materi lagi dari Bu Rosa. After that, we must run to a park. Let's say, it was kinda far I think. I felt regret because I already took a bath.

Then we got a task to make some money. So our team helped a bapak2 to sell gorengan and some breads. And Thank God there is Kak Ganda in our team. He speaks Javanese so well so that some people interested in buying our dagangan.

After that we ate some breakfast. Thank God it was real and nice food. The food we ate the night before was kinda lame. We learned to be sederhana.

Then we had games. There were 5 posts to play. The 1st one was this game: we must close our eyes with a tie. Then 1person told us to walk to a right direction so that we didn't make the bottles (which were set up as ranjau) fall down.
The 2nd one, errr one word: WET. Yeah we played with water.
The 3rd was so physical depression. We must menyusun bangku and rapihin lagi dalam waktu yang sangat singkat.
The 4th was like a usual outbound game. We must walk on a rope, yah begitulah.
And the 5th ya hanya main berdiri sambil punggung2an and so on.

The last thing to do was evaluasi. yeaah yeah. finished.

Nice (and tiring) two days.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

i am no more me

I can't find myself in today's me.
Since I moved here to Surabaya from Jakarta.

I was the class' disaster.
I was in the band.
I was one of those basketball players.
I was the clown of the class.
I was the unbrained-one.
I used to bring my SLR and mess the school up.
I used to shout and throw the jokes all the time.
I used to be the most naughty student of that All-Girl-School.
I used to fight with most of the teachers.
I used to break some unwritten rules.
I used to be known all over the school as the bad one.
I am quite silent now.
I don't play basketball. No more.
I don't join any band, or haven't joined any band.
I just keep my SLR to myself.
I am the nice girl.
I am the one who keep myself clean.
I am not known.
I keep my jokes to myself.
I study.
I am not known as anyone.

I want the old me if I could.
Or, am I changing naturally?
Or maybe I have two mode.
1. Jakarta mode: Funny, clown, crazy, insane, stupid ass, rock and roll, do some sport.
2. Surabaya mode: Prety serious, quite silent, study more, not funny, boring.

Oh c'mon.
See yah.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Last Friday and Saturday (13-14 Aug) we had this 17an thing at my school.
There were some games such as: Bakiak+Makan krupuk, cari koin di dalem tepung sambil balap karung, futsal daster, estafet belut, tarik tambang, masak, cerdas cermat.
3of my friends and I joined the estafet belut thing. And became the runner-up.
And we became the champion of the cerdas cermat. Hihi.
You can check the photos on my facebook ;)

And today, we had this quiz at TBI. Haha. 17an Quiz.
My group was the loser --"
Oia, btw thanks Peter for the DVD. I borrowed his DVD, Across the Universe :) BEATLES!
And I was excited about our new teacher. He was from England. He is SUPER tall.
Yeah we'll see him again on next Tuesday ;)

This morning Mr. Dennis looked at my agenda and he found this writing of mine, it said 'iloveyouD'
Ok the D is for Daniel. He could guess it right.
But his name is Dennis, jesus, I just realized.
It begins with letter D too. Damn -___-"
That writing was for Daniel okay.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

bad connection

Xl gue kenapa sih gabisa terima sms dari esianya si danil. sedihnya.
Udah dari minggu loh. :( aaaaaaa

Friday, August 6, 2010


Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy 11th y.o birthday to my brother Dominic Glenn Sebastian.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy friendship day!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

The End of July

This morning, my school bell rang at 7.30, as every other Saturday.
I arrived at school at 7.00 and my pals asked me to go to McDondalds.
The McD was just some steps away from my school. Haha.
After that we went to school.
But at 9, the teachers got an emergency bell, so we went home, earlier.
We all went to that nearest McD again! Almost all of us haha.

I went out for lunch.
Sushi Tei :)
I spent my afternoon watching movies.
1. The Last Airbender.
That was great. Aaaaaaa. Aaaaaa.
I've watched the cartoon series, so I enjoyed this movie so much.
I like the kissing scene of Sokka and Princess Yue. OOPS SPOILER.

2. Let it Be
The Beatles. Oh no need to speak a thing.
Everything about The Beatles are always awesome.
I like when Paul and George argued. Ckckck. Cool.
And when Paul and Ringo played that effing awesome song on the piano, duet.
And when John kissed Yoko. And they danced.
Etc etc.
Awwww I love George Harrison THAT much!!!! Aaaaaaa

3. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.
I am not a Harry Potter maniac.... So I just watched this movie today.
I like Ron Weasley. He's way better than Harry I think.
And I like Draco Malfoy. And I like Professor Lupin.
And nothing else.
Cool. Nice.
I'm not into Harry Potter..

Just went to the supermarket with mom dad and bro.
Now I'm just here writing on my blog.

My pacar doesn't have any pulsa today so...
Ah whatever. Cepetan beli pulsa ye pacar haha LOL.

And my classmate is attending Slash' gig NOW, AT THE MOMENT.
And so are my TBI teachers. Bule2 itu are watching Slash.
(TBI: The British Institute, some kind of english course.)


Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm Starting to Love Math

Today there was math test.
I can do this. I obviously can do this lesson.
I did my homework as well.
I did my schoolwork as well.
I even taught my friends how to do some questions.
And this test was ruined. Fuck.
Last night I was so confident.
This morning I was so confident.
I just mixed up my mind with too much confident.
So I can't do the test.

Next time will be better I promise.
I am now dissapointed.
Very dissapointed.
I was too arrogant.

But guess what? I like math now.
I've never been so in love with math before.
I like math.
Not 'like' but like. The real like.

Cheer up.
Next time will be better I promise :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Surabaya-ers

Surabaya people are way too different.
Jakarta people are like "......" kind of people.
And Surabaya people are like "Me! Me! Choose me." kind of people.
Those two kinda people are nice.
I just haven't make it comfortable yet here.

I must compete thougher here.

Wish me luck :)

ImissJakartaanditspeople :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

1, 2, 3. It's 3!

Haha. It was yesterday but I couldn't get any access to my blog.

IloveyouD :*

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Art Class

Things are different here. The art class is soooo eeffffiiinngggg ddddiiiffffeeerrreeennntttt!!!!
When I was in Jakarta, there was music class and seni rupa class.
I love the music class. Ok even when I was there, I didn't like it though.
The seni rupa class was fun. We drew perspective, hard but good. Etc etc.

Here in my new school, the music class is karawitan class. It is like gamelan etc etc.
That's great! I'd like to play any kind of music instrumnents.
But, TADAAAA, there is no seni rupa class! Damn.
And there is DANCING CLASS. God. I don't like and I can't do dancing.

I think I will miss the music theories I had in Santa Ursula.
Bach, Mozart, etc etc. music theories, studying melodies, music scales, etc etc.
Formal music education and international music aducation.

Here, the art class is so Indonesian. I like it. But I want international and formal music education too.
I want to learn music scales, not balok, istilah musik, perkembangan jaman musik kaya barok, romantik, etc etc.
And I want drawing lesson! We don't have it here. Arghhhh....

I miss Romo Gabriel and Pak Anton, art teachers in SMP Santa Ursula Jakarta.
Thank you for the lessons you've given. You two were great.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lebaran is on its way

I need to be in Jakarta a.s.a.p. It's not because I don't like it here. I just haven't make it comfortable yet.
I need to be in Jakarta because I miss everybody and everysecond I could spent there.
I miss my whole other family. I miss my friends. Best friends, enemies, just friends..
I miss my teachers from Santa Ursula JHS and I miss that effing cool old building.
I miss my house. Small and nice home sweet home.
I miss the malls. Oh I couldn't find any malls here that can be compared to malls in Jakarta.
I miss the boy I have. Jesus Christ. Hahaha.
So I am waiting patiently for Lebaran, which is time to get home.

Oh how I love Jakarta so much :*

Please wait for me friends, don't you dare forgetting me, at least until I meet you guys.

Byebye :)

Happy another early anniv D. It's 2. Haha.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


MOS LUAR KOTA NYA FREAKING FUN eventhough I had no friends.
Now, at least I know my classmates' name.

1st day at Jati Jejer.

2nd day.

3rd day.
plus Dendy got the Motivator Award.

Kami anak spuluh dua, geboy dan gila,
karena PJK memberi ide2 kreatif.
Geboy, gila, asik semua.
Setiap hari slalu menyenangkan.
Kita anak X2,


i'm starting to enjoy this new life.
but i still want to go home to jakarta.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dear D,
It's been a while since it became us. And I'm so glad. And I still hate the distance between us.
I like the way your texts popping up on my bb screen.
We can't do normal things together, umm I mean like holdinghandsandsweettalks.
But I thank God He sent me you.
I never regret that it was late. I praise the Lord cos we said the words.
I'm waiting for the time when I can see your lips moving saying the words you need to say.

Thanks for being sweet so far :)
Your messages are my favourite lines to be read.

Happy (too early) anniv.

ImissyouD :*

Friday, July 9, 2010


halo saya sudah di surabaya. perdana nih tulisan haha -_-

new school. belum ada kemajuan. serius. i want to go back home. jakarta. sigh. apalagi ada alasan lain gue males ninggalin jakarta. nyehehe i'm 'owned'.

udah lama ga ngeblog.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


1. George Harrison.
He was a Beatle. He played guitar. He got that charm. But.. he's dead. OKAY.

2. Joachim Low.
He is Germany's head coach in the national team. He is good looking and no doubt, hot. But the problems are: He is 50, he is married, and he is a bisexual. DAMN. He and his assistent are a gay-couple we think, after some photos we found. And he did something nasty. HAHA GO FIND A VIDEO "JOACHIM LOEW IN 3RD EYE"

3. Mesut Ozil.
He is a German football player. He is 21. But....has a fiance. Yeah we can do nothing. Thank God he's not a gay HAHA.

4. Graham Coxon.
So my friend here, Khanza, is madly in love with this great looking british guitarist. You can google him to see his beautiful face and lovely guitar playing. But...he's 41 haha old.

5. Ryland Blackinton.
I admire Ryland like crazy. He is this guy from Cobra Starship. With his guitar and green eyes. He's far away and has a girlfriend.

6. Johnny Depp
He has been everybody's celebrity crush. Haha. No need to say anything.

Ah who else?
Why can't we just find someone who is close to us. And doesn't have problems like:
- Too old.
- Has a girlfriend or fiance or wife.
- A gay. or even Bisexual.
- A pure jerk.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Walopun gak seseru taun lalu, enak sih ikut classmeeting.
Gabisa diceritain. Asik lah :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010


hari ini abis ambil pengumuman kelulusan les inggris, gue, Daniel Pasaribu, Zenia, Gadiza, sama Yosi makan di Obonk deket skolah situ. Sumpah seumur idup gue belom pernah makan situ. Padahal deket bgt dari skolah. Yang menang dari tempat itu apa, harganya -_- hahaha. Biasa, pada tak ada uang kami ini. Haha.

Abis itu kami ketempatku. Kita main. Foto2, main gitar, Bieber-an, yah gitu2lah haha -_-

p.s: judulnye gitu tadi si Daniel pimpin doa makan ahaha :D (Y

Foto2 liat di facebook hahahaha.....

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Titan's Curse

Btw I bought Percy Jackson and the Olympians book three: The Titan's Curse.
Just need ɑ day to finished it haha and now I have nothing to do cos I have nothing to read.
Wanna buy the book 4 as soon as possible.
I love Poseidon! Haha. Woo.
And the story is getting more complicated but amazing.
The characters come and go and come again. Confusing but good.
And Percy get ɑ new enemy here in book 3. Wooo (Y)
Oh I just love when Percy talked awkwardly with his father.
Ah Poseidon is the man! Cool.

Just read yourself :)

"i got a ticket to ride...."

"So kiss me goodbye..."

I'm leavin sooooon dear friendsssss......

I love you all. Don't you ever forget me :)

And I'll never forget your KINDNESS to me.

And to all the shits happened in my life here, buhbye you idiots. Ew.

Wiiiiii..... I'm freeeeeee as ɑ birrdddddd.

I feel sad about leaving you guys. You dudes are the best :)

But I'm glad in some reason. That I'll leave THEM alone.

"So kiss me goodbye....."

Saturday, June 5, 2010


my move-to-another-city problem is getting more complicated. seriously. i hate this thing. a lot. gila bener2 membunuh nih masalah ini. i can get over apabila masalahnya cuma pindahan biasa. tapi ini? bener2 bukan pindahan biasa. bener2 bikin gue bingung setengah mati. kenapa bisa gue dihadepin dengan hal kaya gini.

dan saat2 liburan ini torturing teramat sangat. saya ingin keluar negeri atau keluar daerah sampe kemana kek, tapi apa daya saya memang TIDAK BISA karna suatu alasan. saya ingin keluar dari kamar atau rumah ini saja, bener2 gabisa dengan alasan yang tidak bisa dijelaskan di forum publik seperti ini. bener2 nyiksa. buat temen2 gue yang punya liburan menyenangkan, selamat ya, kalian ga boleh ngeluh hahaha kalian harus coba jadi saya.

dan saya lagi bingung. BETAPA KONSUMERISME NYA SAYA. SUMPAH GUE ENEK BANGET. BENER2 ANAK GATAU DIRI NIH GUE PARAH APA2AN. tapi mau gimana. pengen. banget. hidup. foya2. gimana cara ngatasin ini? please please. kasian kan orangtua saya. gue juga mau kali nahan. tapi gimana. kalo kata nyokap,"Kamu ngeliatnya 'keatas' terus sih. Sekali2 ngeliat kebawah." I AM TRYING MOM. SUMPAH. gue emang ga seberuntung orang2 lain yang selama ini gue pandang dengan status 'SANGAT BERUNTUNG'.

dan masalah2 yang tertinggal dan belum terselesaikan. gue pikir ini ga akan pernah selesai. sampe orang terbijak dalam hidup gue--->nyokap, pas gue tanyain soal ini, gue minta pendapat dan solusi, dia bilang udah tinggalin aja, seakan2 ngedukung gue lari dari masalah. padahal selama ini kalo gue ada masalah, dia selalu bilang gue yang salah, jadi gue terdorong untuk menyelesaikan masalah itu. sedangkan masalah yang satu ini pun, nyokap gue udah dukung gue buat 'lari'.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Prinsip paling dasar hidup gue sebenernya pamrih -_- 'Gue ga butuh lo, kalo lo ga butuh gue.' Bukan prinsip pamrih sih. Menurut gue lebih ke prinsip mandiri dan egois. Gue pengen segala sesuatu itu ada timbal baliknya seperti teori2 yang selama ini orang bicarakan. Maksud gue buat apa kita baik sama orang kalo orang itu gak baik sama kita? Kalo di film2 heroik sih orang yang jahat di film itu akan tobat karna kita baik terus sama dia. Di kehidupan nyata? Seberapa baiknya elo, kalo emang orang itu udah wataknya begitu ya kita mundur ajalah dari hidupnya. Gausa sok2 menyelamakan kehidupan dia gitu kaya di film. Yah emang ini prinsip emang childish dan superbullshit tapi mau diapain? Bodo amat sama pendapat orang. Gue ini begini bukan karna gaada alesan tapi karna udah banyak hal2 di hidup gue yang membuktikan. Dan bukannya gue gamau bantu orang yang salah jalan. Tapi gue aja merasa jalan gue belom bener. Dan lagi, mundur dari kehidupan orang itu bukan berarti gue mundur begitu aja. I keep praying for them kok.

Gue nyesel. Gue kesel.

Balikin gue ke jalan yang bener dong -_-

Hey JUNE, don't make it bad.......

Okay so it's June and I'm still alive.

I've been living a hard life. Semakin hari semakin berat. Tapi kalo dijalanin, yah gue berhasil sampe hari ini. Masalah2 yang belom selesai, akan gue selesain kalo bisa. Kalo nggak, ya minta bantuan angin buat ilanginnya. Mungkin ga? Ga mungkin sih tapi seenggaknya jangan memperburuk masalah.

Gue mikir2 kejadian apa aja yang udah gue alamin, mulai dari kemaren, minggu lalu, bulan lalu, tahun lalu, semua gue pikirin dan jadi ringkasan di otak gue. Rangkuman masa SMP.

Masuk SMP, gue ngerasa mata gue 'terbuka' setelah masa SD yang cuma 'Hahahahihihihi....' sepanjang hari. Cobaan2 masa kecil itu sama sekali gaada apa2nya dibandingin sama siksaan sekarang.

Biasanya anak cowok kalo masuk SMP, tingginya langsung naik drastis. Kalo di hidup gue yang naik drastis itu bobot permasalahannya. Gue inget kelas 7 masalah gue cuma sama guru wali kelas, walaupun pas ngalamin rasanya gimana gitu, sekarang kalo gue inget2, aih masalah gituan doang.

Kelas 8 masalah gue sumpah bener2 ribet. Sampe sekarang kalo mikirin itu gue udah ga punya muka. Tapi gue pikir masalah itu bener2 bisa bikin gue belajar banyak. Gue seneng pernah ngalamin itu.

Kelas 9 masalah bener2 level dewa *sigh* Sampe sekarang mikirinnya aja pengen beli AK-47 buat ngancurin pala sendiri, apa ngga praktekin trik2 ala Happy Tree Friends. Pengen lari sih tapi ga guna toh emang bentar lagi gue ngilang dari peredaran orang Jakarta. Apakah masalah level dewa ini bisa ngasi gue pelajaran? Ya. Pelajaran kesabaran. Pelajaran kerelaan. Pelajaran apa ya? Banyak.

Gue gak bayangin nanti gue hidup sampe umur brapa? 50? 60? 70? Hmmm, am I gonna make it? Masalahnya, umur 15 aja udah banyak alesan yang bikin gue males harus selalu ngadepin masalah. Mana masalahnya dari hari ke hari tuh tambah dewa kan......

Gue inget pas SD kerjaan gue cuma lari2 main petak umpet sama petak jongkok terus nontonin Nidji. Ga inget apa2 lagi. Tapi ada sih pengalaman bermasalah pas kelas 4 SD. Hmmm.... Mungkin trauma mungkin nggak. Tapi berdampak.

Karna itu junewish gue semoga gaada masalah2 lagi.


"I'm the kinda guy that you ain't ever seen before."

I don't have anything to post -_-

see yah.


We all know that heroes in some movies often appeared with their sidekicks. For examples, Robin, Supergirl, Gerald in 'Hey Arnold', etc etc I even can't remember the sidekicks......

I, in this world, am looking for a friend, not a boss or something. I wanna be friends or maybe sisters and brothers, like Ninja Turtles. They're brothers.


I in this world am not looking for somebody, but I have a mission which I haven't known.

I've spent my time reading NARUTO comic books in my super bored holiday. I feel like I'm half Naruto and I'm half Sasuke. I love my bestfriend and feel like he/she is my real bro/sis, just like Naruto feels about Sasuke.
On the other side, I wanna do some kind of revenge, like Sasuke wanted to. The difference is Sasuke wanted to kill his brother Itachi, and me, I don't know what to do, or....who the hell am I going to kill?

And I like how Sasuke defeats Naruto's popularity among the readers. He isn't Naruto's sidekick. He has his own life. Although the comic title is NARUTO, people love Sasuke too. Not as Naruto's sidekick but as Sasuke.

This post doesn't prove that I am a Sasuke lover.
My favourite character in Naruto is Shikamaru Nara (google it you idiots haha)

on my laptop

woohoo sudah lama tak bersua dengan mu wahai komputer jinjing ku tercinta muah muah muah.....

saya akan post banyak tulisan hari ini :)


Monday, May 31, 2010

Holiday (?)

Smua orang lagi pada kluar negri atau kluar kota. Jakarta sepi ahahahaah lebay. Yah Twitter lumayan sepi karna temen2 gue pada diluar negri :/

Om gue yg tinggal di Jerman keluar negri juga. Dia ke Jakarta -_- bak turis bule, dia pake kaos oblong tanpa lengan, cln pendek selutut, crocs (org jerman laku jg tuh crocs) sama kacamata item, plus bawa botol aqua 1,5liter (yg langsung abis dalam bbrp menit).

Yah sensasi baru lah ada orang Jerman di rumah ahahahaha -_-

Oia kegiatan liburan gue makan tidur jalan baca, ngomong2 baca, gue lg baca seri kedua dari seri Percy Jackson. Since I'm in love with Poseidon -_- hahahah.........

Terus I got new glasses karna the previous glasses rusaxxxx.

Apa lg ya y pengen gue omongin? Sudah deh, cupuk, eh cukup :)

Trying not to mention bad things in this post, padahal ada, as always.......hmmm okelah.


Oh and btw,
I ♥ Mom
I ♥ Dad
I ♥ Bro

Friday, May 28, 2010

New Edition

I want to start ɑ new edition in my life. Not just ɑ new chapter. New chapters aren't cool. New edition is cool. It means that we can start ɑ new book. New story. We can pick the title we like and we start from the beggining again. No relation with this old book. Close the last page after read the ending. And pull out ɑ brand new book to read. Not the sequel of the first book. I want the new one.

Ah. Can I?

Just wandering. If I could really forget the past.

"It's gonna take patience and time, to do it right." - I got my mind set on you - george harrison.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

what i want

- Another nike or adidas or converse shoes.
- another swatch.
- smurf hoodie and cardigan I found at zara.
- a Lomo. The fisheye one.
- an ipod.
- new acoustic (pop) guitar.
- a trip to Liverpool or Egypt maybe.
- lots of money.
- beatle things.
- making myself taller and thinner.
- attending mt highschool in Jakarta (this is no way happening)

And I need a peace mind. may I request for a smart brain and peacefull mind and have no emotion. I don't wanna have any of that effin emotions. No laugh no cry. It'll be fun.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

i suddenly remember ! ha!

Kemaren gue lupa lagunya Gpluck yg dimaenin smua. Udah gue sebutin beberapa di previous post gue. Tp mau nambahin. List lagunya ad yg kurang. Nih: I wanna hold your hand, please please me, from me to you. kayanya lagunya jadi udah gue sebutin semua. Kurang apa lagi ya.

Friday, May 21, 2010

another beatles night

Hari ini ultah temen gue Daniel Nathaniel dan acara syukuran smp cc dan reuni sd sanur. Ada acara gt. Kan makan2, ada yg ngeband2, nyanyi2, dan ada gpluck! Haha dunia perbitelan indonesia sudah mengenal ini band :) haha. Keren. Bawain sekitar 10lagu. Twist and shout, I saw her standing there, the ballad of john and yoko, a hard day's night, help, get back, obladioblada, roll over beethoven, eveybody's tryin to be my baby, lupa. Keren. Haha. Nice. Awesome. Ringo dan Lennon nya udah krezi miripnya. Woow!

Btw happy 15th bday Daniel.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bieber isn't wrong. You are wrong.

1. Justin Bieber isn't that bad. I like his songs and voice. But I am not obsessed with his cuter face or anything. Just like his musical thing. He's great.

2. Bitches are wrong and I found one in my life. She talked as if she was the most tortured woman in the world. Hey dude, everyone have their very own problems and we just don't tell it to other people in adition to make them have sympathy on you. I, indeed, try to look happy all the tine. Every minutes, every seconds, every steps I make. I try to solve my problems by myself and I ask somebody to help me just if I need it. Grow up you kid. Get stronger.

See you on my next blog post.
I am in a very good mood to burn this house.

P.S: I miss good people. I miss REAL friends.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

my blog is acting bitchy

Yes I hate my life now so I don't post much on my blog. Yeah people are having their vacations and I am here at home. Haha. How great. And life is getting more complicated as we get older. And this thing called hormone sucks. And I don't even wanna grow up. Like Peterpan. Yeah. What if Peterpan swap his life with mine? Ah :) And I don't have to do all this fucking things. Friendship is a great thing in Neverland. Enemies are enemies. Friends are friends. Not like in this fucking phony world. Like, we don't even know who is the Captain Hook here in our world. Everybody could be the bad guy. Everybody could be the good guy. Ah fuck. Bye.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

a goodbye disco

SMP Santa Ursula's graduation nite is the best. First we did misa ang things. Then a usual-graduation-ritual. Then we had some dinner. Ah I didn't eat much. Then we did the best part. Performances by every class. We (94) did great dude and we got the 2nd place :) And then we dance like crazy. We AJOJING together. Seems like bitches :p in a positive way. The DJ was good. The dancer (we) were great. And the teachers, they did DANGDUTAN style with disco music -_- gee. And after a tiring 1hour full of craziness and KELIARAN, we did the sad thing. Saying goodbye, thankyou, and sorry to everyone. Friends and teachers and I LOVE MY TEACHERS at the moment. Ah and we could cry as crazy as we danced. Our life won't be the same since this night. And I'm leaving. Gee I really really really don't wanna leave :( And I'll be glad if you all remember me as I will remember you and every single second I spent in this effin great and superb school. I love you Santa Ursula Jakarta.

no longer existing

We are no more junior highschool students. I am so saddddd and happpy. I got good scores although they aren't superb. Tonight is the graduation night. I think I'm gonna cry a lot haha. I'm attending my highschool in another city so I am leaving soon. God damn it. I'll miss all things happened in this school, SMP Santa Ursula. The friends, the teachers, the classes, the moments, the uniforms, every single part of it, evey single corner of this old building. I've been studying here since kindergarten, so it's been like I've spent 11years of my life here. I don't wanna leave if I could you know. But all things must pass. All those years ago. I thank God for every moments here. I'm glad that I could spent times here in The Green Jail and with all the pains and the laugh. All freaking fun friends, all freakin great teachers. Ah you such the greatest things happened in my life.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

what's that between Poseidon and George Harrison?

After reading Percy Jackson and the Twelve Olympians: The Lightning Thief which I borrowed from Aggy, I BECAME A LITTLE BIT OBSESSED WITH POSEIDON, THE GOD OF SEAS, EARTHQUAKES, AND horses--->this is confusing and funny :|

So I started Googling about Poseidon and the best story about him is: Poseidon raped Medusa in the temple of Athena and Athena got angry, then she changed Medusa's beautiful hair into snakes and her beautiful face became ugly. Haha poor Medusa.

In the Percy Jackson book, Poseidon was the father of Perseus Jackson (in the Greek myth, he isn't the father of Perseus). And I don't know why I saw him like I first saw George Harrison. Yeah um, beard + good eyes maybe. Harrison had his guitar and Poseidon with his trident. But maybe Poseidon had bigger biceps and triceps and other muscles -_- than George.

And since I was born with Aquarius zodiac sign, I like water-things very much. And good to know that Poseidon is the God of the Seas. Percy Jackson was lucky to be his son: he could heal himself with water, he could breath in the water, he can control rivers, waves, and even toilet water :O

Thank you for listening.
I want to be a daughter of eihter Poseidon or George Harrison. NYAHAHAHHAAH -_-

Tuesday, April 27, 2010




ah. nothing. just wanna make you all know that I'm still here. bye.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

just another thursday

Lokasi: Tempat les inggris.

Gadiza: Eun, nama bapaknya Hercules siapa?
Eunice: Zeus.
Gadiza: Oh bukannya Zakheus ya?
Daniel: Itu mah yg pemungut cukai -_-

Si Ma'am lagi ngomongin BIMBEL sama Daniel Pranata,eh si Daniel Pasaribu mulai ga nyambung.
Daniel Pasaribu: Apaan? The Beatles?

Terus kan ada bacaan tentang Shakespear gitu. Felicia baca Shakespear jadi *maaf* SEXpeare. Oops bgt.

Terus ada kalimat "He wrote his plays to suit the TASTES of the theater audience. Eh Gadiza baca TASTES jadi *maaf* test*s.

Yah pelajaran untuk hari ini: Pronounciation harus bener kalo ngga bisa menggelikan kaya gini -_-

Thanks for the LAUGH and for the LOVE, friends :)
Daniel Pasaribu, Gadiza Olivia, Zenia Stephanie, Daniel Pranata, Felicia, Evelyn, Gishella, Cindy, Yosia

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"The Smiles Returning to the Faces"

Yeah! All done. All things named exams. Any kind of examinations. We had done it guys. You're the best! But still anxious and worried about the scores right? aah.
But it's okay. We can smile now pals! You guys gave me that lovely smiles :D yeah yeah yeah.

But things in my life are still sucks. I had given up on music because of THAT thing someone did to me. And now I must give up on photography. I asked for more but I thougt "ah whatsoever" and I must facing the fact that it was not my capacity. Yah, destiny sucks. I'm being my guitar's and my camera's enemy :P

And you know what? Being left hurts much, doesn't it? You left me one time. Now, let's say I'll leave you. How does it feel? I feel sad. I left you and I feel sad. When you left me, how did it feel? Did you feel sad?


P.S: our smiles reutrning to our faces, and his smile too!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Hey Mister, can you tell me.."

"You're a nice guy with a wrong attitude"
"Nowhere man can you see me at all?"
"and he never gives an answer, what a fool on the hill"

these lyrics reminds me of yah.

And 'SWEET' is the best word to describe you.

and you're my GUILTY PLEASURE.
Should I use this--> (:
or this--> ):

But Mister, can you tell me what happened to you when I wasn't there? You've changed a lot :(

Don't avoid me, please.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

and I ain't mad

"..and I ain't mad, cos you know I understand, you know I understand.."

my 4th blog post today. I mean it :) I understand. Always.

and I ain't gonna lie. I can be a nasty guy

This is my 3rd post today :D


hey, it rhymes a lot :D
Just made a short poem I guess.

The Outlander

Dearest Blog,

Just saw SIMBA again :) The Lion King ROCKS!!!

Felt like an outlander. Feel lonely and terribly lost in this big, cruel world.

Lost in love, lost in everything I got. Yeah these days I've been so back in love with him. Yeah. So I met this girl whose life is similiar like me. And we share things. FUN. But it made me fell back in love with SOMEONE whose name I won't mention :P So I just shut my fuckin mouth up and get going.

you know what? what's wrong with life? I am wrong. wrong person. wrong time. wrong environment. shit man.

Another friend told me that she's in my side. That I am not that wrong. I feel right. But feel wrong. shit man.

I feel wrong in everything. I feel right in one thing, that I am leaving.

I hope you reply my post, Blog.
Regards, Eunice.

oh how I hope a blog is a friend.

Please Don't Ask Me to Believe

The first thing is: All Time Low is coming to Jakarta on August 4.
The second thing is: I'll have been in Surabaya that time.

Facing the truth that I'm leaving is cool. I hate leaving my friends, my room, etc etc. But you know sometimes we have this feelings, the feeling when nobody needs you and you are depressed and you are alone in this world. I realize that I feel like that and need an escape, NOW.

I hate a part of my life now. It sucks. They suck. I hate when people just talking about themselves and, HELLO, CAN'T I TALK TOO? Yeah. People who just focusing on an object and ruined themselves and don't think about other people around them and making people like me dislike them.

For that kind of people, just go play with yourself and the object you're focusing on and slowly you're gonna be ruined. I am here if you need me, but it seems like you're too insane until you even don't recognize the things I've done for you. And you know what? Look into yourself dude. I've been always looking to myself, trying to find out what's wrong with me and I realize, that's not me. That's you.

And thank God there are people who still sane. They can share with each others. We talk about ourselves and we listen to each others' story and we do the Take and Give part correctly.

see you cruel world :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Intelligently Screwed

screwed up.
everything's messing up.
it's either the world is insane and I'm the only one who stay sane,
or I'm insane and the world is still okay.


Friday, April 9, 2010

Tragedi Sepatu Kiri yang Tertinggal

Sbenernya judulnya: Tragedi Sepatu Kiri yang Tertinggal....di tengah lapangan pas ujian praktek olahraga lari 100m. Tapi lebih keren kalo di cut jadi Tragedi Sepatu Kiri yang Tertinggal.

Hari ini full olahraga. Ujian praktek olahraga demi kelulusan kita bersama -_- bahasa gue udah ngaco seharian olahraga. Jadi dari jem7pagi sampe 11an gt kita melakukan 6olahraga berbeda...

Pertama lari 100m gue udah konyol. Pas lari, sepatu kiri gue tiba2 copot, ketinggalan di tengah2 lapangan. Sempet panik, tapi gue terusin lari dengan sepatu kanan dan kaus kaki kiri, sambil teriak "SEPATUUUUU...." dan diiringi tawa teman-teman sekalian serta Pak Sony dan Pak Didik -___-

Terus basket, lay-up. Ok, basket is (maybe) my thing, but I felt like shit this morning, I am not THAT good btw. Gue ngga sejago rekan-rekan saya yang lain dalam tim basket, tapi lumayan lah.

Terus basket, dribble, ada track nya gitu, diitung waktu.

Terus istirahat 20 menit, makan, lenje-lenje.

Terus Voli smash. Ooh gila gue selalu ngerasa gue ngga pernah bisa voli. FFFFF--- Pas giliran gue, gue sih udah pasrahkan kepada Tuhan gitu, padahal gue lemes2 gitu kan kaya gabisanih gabisanih pikiran gue. Eh taunya Tuhan memberkatinya lebai hihi sampe out dari lapangan, kejauhan. Kesempatan kedua juga masih out. Kesempatan ketiga gue agak mundur nyemes nya jadi pas di angka 10, hampir out LAGI. fff---- ngga nyangka voli bisa fine.

Abis itu senam lantai. Ini nih yang paling ngga pernah ada dalam hidup gue -_- ada pilihan sikap lilin, split, kayang, meroda. Gue kayang. Padahal gabisa. Gue gabisa apapun yang ada di pilihan itu gue gabisa. Akhirnya gue kayang dengan frik. Kata Pak Sony bentuknya KOTAK bukan MELENGKUNG. Dari atas, di lantai, bentuk kotak, berdiri frik.

Terus nih yang terakhir: SIT UP. Gue ngerasa gue bakal fine2 aja. Eh taunya, gak. Pas sit up temen2 gue kaya banyak yang gayanya lucu2 sampe Pak Sony sama Pak Didik ketawa2 ga jelas. Pas giliran gue, gabisa men. Gatau kenapa gue ada kaya ada yang nahan gitu terus jadi lamban banget. Ah ff--

Nilai rata-rata gue dari keenam ujian tersebut: 91.5 nice!

We had tons of fun today. Ini ujian paling fun yang pernah terselenggara. Dan di kelas gue pada jago2 olahraga semua nih. hahaha. Selama ini kaya terselubung gitu. haha. WOOHOO.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What Is Life

currently listening to George Harrison's WHAT IS LIFE. Great song.
I can't tell you anything, these days has been so effin random.
I cried I laugh I sang I hated music I sucked

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So yesterday I was trying to be an optimistic person that I could get 100 in math national exam thingy and today I realize that I am the biggest dummy ever because I ever think about it. Math is so not my thing, forever.

upset. guilty. regret.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

bersenang-senang dahulu, bersakit-sakit kemudian

Kemaren satu angkatan kelas9 Sanur ke Dufan semua. Rencananya refreshing abis Try Out2 dan pra-ujian, dan sebelum UAN, UAS, dan U-prak. haha.

Pertama2 nyampe gue, Jenny Riveria, CL, Chelsea, Rhea, langsung naik Niagara-gara. Veve gak ikut. Nah pas mau ke tanjakan, tuh perahu BERENTI kita panik, udah pengen turun gitu, mana perahu yang blakang segera dateng gitu mati. haha udah sampe teriak2 mampus, eh akhirnya jalan. Gila tegang abis.

Terus gue, Jenny, CL sama Rhea lanjut Tornado dan Kicir-kicir. Chelsea sama Veve akhirnya ikut Tom, dll maen simulator. Nah karna kita kepisah, jadi tinggal ber4 (gue, Rhea, CL, Rhea), eh kita ketemu nih rombongan guru2, ada Pak Bambang, Pak Iwan, Suster Maria Sani, Bu Tres, Bu Erna, Bu Dian, Ms Khrisna. Kita ajakin naek Arung Jeram. Yang ikut sama kita akhirnya Bu Erna, Bu Dian, Ms Khrisna sama Bu Tres. HAHA BASAH HAHA BASAH HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAH. Ketawain guru itu jahat, tapi menyenangkan haha, surely we had a great time! :D terus kita plus guru2 itu naek apasih kalo gak salah namanya BURUNG TERBANG atau apa gitu yang buat anak kecil -_- gara2 salah antri HAHA mau antri Garuda malah antri beginian HAHAHAHA.

Nah pas jem 2-an gitu, Pak Bernad, Pak Didik, Pak Agus, Pak Sony dateng. Dan heboh soalnya yeah gatau gimana ada gosip2 tersebar dan itu jadi bahan ledekan, kasian yang digosipin hahaha (GAK BOLEH CERITA DISINI MEN, UNTUK KALANGAN TERTENTU DOANG AHHAHAHAHAHA).

Terus gue, Jenny, Chelsea, Rhea, naek sesuatu yang namanya gue lupa tapi bener2 bisa bikin gue mual2 parah. Gue mending Tornado 5x daripada maenan itu parah. Apasih namanya Ombang-ombang ato apa yang kaya lempengan bulet gitu diputer2 ah parah. Gue langsung tepar banget.

Abis itu gue sama Rhea menjawab tantangan guru2 cowo yang sok2 berani HAHA. Pertama kita naek kicir2. Gue-Rhea, Pak Bernad-Pak Iwan, Pak Didik sendiri. Pak Agus dari awal udah gugur haha. Pak Didik dihadepannya Pak Bernad-Pak Iwan. Gue sama Rhea ambil tempat yang bisa liat Pak Didik and you know what? DI ATAS TUH MUKANYA PAK DIDIK UDAH MERAH TERUS PEGANGANNYA UDAH KAYA DI LEM AIBON HAHAHA.

Abis itu udah kan, kita ke Tornado, janjinya 3x nih HAHAHAHA -_- Eh Pak Didik GUGUR MEN GUGUR. Udah mabok kena Kicir-kicir dia gak naek Tornado HAHAHAHAHA. Nih urutan duduknya: paling kanan Rhea, terus Pak Iwan, gue, Pak Bernad, Jenny. HAHA di atas ya gue ngeliatin Pak Iwan udah merem2 gitu terus pas posisi kepala kita ada di bawah gitu, dia ngomong,"Aduh pantat saya udah gak nempel sama kursi." HAHA pak, bapak aja yang tinggi begitu, gimana saya -_____- Nah abis 1x puteran, Pak Iwan GUGUR. Tinggal Pak Bernad yang bertahan HAHAHAHAH.

Yaudahlah akui saja faktor umur itu berperan penting dalam permainan di Dufan HAHA. Umur kita kan masih sepuluh tahun(atau lebih) lebih muda dari umur kalian HAHAHA BERCANDA AMPUN AMPUN.

Udah abis itu kita maen apalagi ya? Pokoknya jem5 udah disuru kumpul, terus emang bener2 udah capek dan pulang :D


Jadi, berhubung gada yang mau dengerin cerita gue tentang Cobra Starship's gig, gue cerita di sini aja. Soalnya cerita gue bersudut pandang dari seorang Eunice yang big fan of Ryland Blackinton. Sedangkan orang2 berpikir bahwa nothing special from Ryland. Jadi gue gabisa cerita ke siapa2.

Jadi 2hari yang lalu, 23 Maret 2010, dari jem4 kita udah di Tennis Indoor nunggu2. Karna mendung gitu dan akhirnya ujan, kita dimasukin gitu, JADI KITA BISA DENGER COBRA CHECKSOUND, lagu yang dibawain pas checksound kaya 'The Scene is Dead;Long Live the Scene'dan 'Nice Guys Finish Last' dll dll. Akhirnya gue, Rani, sama Jose (saudaranya Rani) kepisah dari Bella dan Diana yang akhirnya dapet first row di tengah. Screw them!

Nunggu2 berdiri dari jem setengah6 sampe jem setengah9, membuat gue tambah tersiksa karna blakang gue ada orang blakang gue itu sangat amat mengganggu. Hahahahahahah yasudahlah akhirnya setelah moshing2 orang itu gak di blakang gue lagi.

Pokoknya gitu, akhirnya jem stgh9an munculah CANDY DANNY (Danny Hutto) yang joget2 gitu, dia bilang itu special talent nya haha. MENGHIBUR BANGET YAAMPUN. HAHA. Dia buka baju pula hahahahahahahaha, dan pake topi kodok2an gitu.

Pokoknya pas mulai, moshing2nya parah abis. Kan openingnya itu 'The City is at War' parah yaampun bener2 keren mampus. DAN GUE TEPAT DI DEPAN RYLAND. Kasian Rani sama Jose, mereka kan gak suka Ryland haha. Lagu2 yang dibawain kaya 'Hot Mess', 'Nice Guys Finish Last', 'Guilty Pleasure', 'Pete Wentz is the Only Reason We're Famous', 'Hollaback Boy' (ini sama Danny Hutto kalo gak salah), 'Kiss My Sass', 'Good Girls Go Bad', 'Smile for the Paparazzi', 'Hey Mr. DJ', 'Snakes on A Plane', 'Wet Hot American Summer', dll ga inget semua.

Udah gitu mereka banyak2 ngomong2nya, udah bahasanya tuh yang 'fuckin apalah' terus GABE bilang mereka nangis pas liat gambar Suarez sama his fiance yang dari fans. DAN TAU GAK, ITU GAMBAR DARI TEMEN GUE SI DIANA WOW. Terus mereka ngomong2 Bahasa Indonesia kaya "AKU CINTU KALIAN" haha cintu -_- terus "GO-YANG-KAN PING-GUL-MU" itu kedengerannya gak jelas gitu terus "TERIMA KASIH" gitu2 deh, Alex Suarez pakar Bahasa Indonesia hahaha G.A.B.E juga ngomong. Terus RYLAND goyang pinggul gitu AW AW AW, sama GABE juga. Terus RYLAND maen gitar, gitarnya di belakang badan ohmygod itu superkeren lo harus liat semua (lupa lagu apa) terus SUARANYA RYLAND BAGUS MAMPUS AA! (Suaranya semuanya juga bagus sih tapi RYLAND's has something :D

DAN GUE DAPET PICK NYA RYLAND (bagian ini semua orang yang gue ceritain juga gak peduli, tapi buat gue ini oke banget haha). Walopun gak dapet foto, kaya temen2 gue yang dapet, yasudahlah...

uploading some COBRAS videos to YouTube. very bad qualities, but awesome COBRAS.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


my dad's vespa's speedometer or whatever you call it

One day maybe you'll find me riding along on this Vespa, which will be oldschool if I ride it 10 years from now. And I'll be wearing fancy helmet that suits on that Vespa a lot. Hahah LIFE'S GOOD IF YOU IMAGINE GOOD THINGS. And maybe you all are rich and be sitting on the backseat while your personal driver drives you everywhere you want in those expensive cars haha.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


haha, MAD HATTER <3 <3 <3

COBRA STARSHIP poster. I asked Bella to take one for me. Thankies!

The Killing of John Lennon DVD. Valerie gave me this.

NARUTO action figure my Dad bought in Japan.

LENS PEN to keep my lenses clean


my dad's harmonica. I'd like to play it but I couldn't -_-

nothing to say. BATIK!

'Come Together', acoustic covers of The Beatles' songs. Got this for my birthday.

simple art stuffs

a comb to make my beatle-ish hair save

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Scene Is Dead

I addopted the title from Cobra Starship's great song from Hot Mess album.

so these days are gone hahhaahah (lagu help) yah these days gada apa2. just doing SANURIANS' things--> bangun, sekolah, pulang, belajar, tidur, bangun, sekolah, pulang, belajar, tidur, bangun ahhahaha.

4days away from COBRA STARSHIP'S GIG! woohoo.

Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm Down

"How can you laugh, when you know I'm down." The Beatles

Just woke up. it's 6.34 in the morning. My Mom called me.

Feel upset.

"Sunrise doesn't last all morning, a cloudburst doesn't last all day." George Harrison

If I had strenght, I would choose suicide.

It suck, nobody was there when you need them.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Think For Yourself

Gue lagi risih sama orang yang pertamanya ngaku gak suka Beatles dan 'menghina' gue yang suka Beatles. Eh taunya nih orang sok ke-bitel-bitel-an buat cari muka, biar dipandang oke, dan diterima dikalangan tertentu. Emang, gue juga belom ngerti semua2nya tentang Beatles, tapi seenggaknya kan gue suka dan gue bilang jujur kalo gue suka. Kalo lo ga suka band jadul, ya cari band jaman sekarang. Semua orang kan ga harus tau Beatles dan selera orang beda2.

(mencoba bersikap objektif bukan subjektif :D)

Terus nih ya berhubung gue baru pulang dari Gereja, mau cerita. Tadi gue duduk di row kedua dari depan. Di sebelah gue ada bule, cowo, ya udah om2 gitu deh tapi belom tua. Dia bawa Puji Syukur, pake kemeja, celana panjang, rapih deh. Dan yang lebih mengejutkannya lagi dia hafal smua jawaban2 pas misa gitu, misalnya kalo abis bacaan jawabnya "Syukur kepada Allah" atau "Terpujilah Kristus", dan pas bagian nyanyi, dia nyanyi beneran buka Puji Syukur. Men, itu bule brarti keren banget kan ya bukan orang Indonesia tapi misa pake Bahasa Indonesia.
Kita harus sadar gitu gak sih, kita orang Indonesia kalo misa di Gereja bagian nyanyi malah nga nyanyi. Pas Romo homili, kita ngobrol dan sibuk sendiri, dan yang paling parah, orang bule aja ke Gereja, orang Indonesia malah banyak yang jarang ke Gereja.
Wuih salut deh buat bule ini.

I think it's enough for today :D Hope we all can learn from this post.

PEACE&LOVE - Ringo Starr

Friday, March 12, 2010


So today I'm gonna talk about:
1. Phony people.
2. Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

PHONY PEOPLE are around you guys. They are phonies. He is a phony. She is a phony. You are phonies. We are phonies. I am a phony.
So since I fnished reading "The Catcher in the Rye" which I had bought from Florianti, I beware of phonies. And so I found many in my life. Even people whom I really care.

intermezzo: hari ini ada ujian praktek biologi. gue dapet menguji amilum pada daun. dan it's kinda failed i thought. tapi ternyata ngga failed2 amat. tapi karna panik, lembar kerjanya gue blm isi smua. takdir lah. cacat. argh.

ALICE IN WONDERLAND is not so bad. But, the 3D effects are not so 3D (or it's just me yang pake kacamata 3D dobel sama kacamata minus). Watched it in EX at 3p.m. with Elisa. and we met people from school, or etc that we know.
And I am madly in love with Hatter. Idk ini karna yang maen Johnny Depp atau emang Mad Hatter was a caring and lovely gentleman. If I were Alice, I would stay in Wonderland and have a tea with the Hatter for the rest of my life.
My suggestion, ini bukan film anak kecil juga sih, mentang2 judulnya Alice in Wonderland. Karna, ada adegan mutusin pala naganya gitu -_-

I feel like I must tell this story but I can't. Uh oh, feeling upset.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Meet and Greet

gak dapet meet and greet cobra. mo dapet meet and greet GEORGE HARRISON yg sudah di alam sana bisa? aduh.

Btw today's math test is bad. too bad to be posted on the blog. tidak seperti try out sebelumnya yg agak mudah.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

(NOT) Getting Better

I copy The Beatles' song AGAIN for the title. But I add 'NOT'
Here, I copy some of the lyrics:

It's getting better all the time
I used to get mad at my school
The teachers that taught me weren't cool
You're holding me down, turning me round
Filling me up with your rules

So that Beatles' song IS SO TRUE (except the 'getting better' line)

1. Nilai rata2 IPA kelas gue meningkat. TO2 sebelomnya paling jelek dari 4kelas. Sekarang urutan 2 dari atas. We did it as a class. But I FAILED AS A PERSON. Nilai gue ^%$#@!!!


3. Gatau deh hari ini nyebelin abis. TO hari ini: Agama + PKn = begitulah liat nanti aja.

Ok gotta go. Studying for tomorrow: Economy, History, Geography (I hope it is GEORGE-GRAPHY)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I LOVE Science. That's why I named my Tumblr after it: SuicideAndPHYSICS.

If you believe what you just read above, you're INSANE. CONGRATULATIONS!

I never LOVE science. But I don't hate it at all. I just can't do science.

*ngomong2 science, fisika, dulu a 16 y.o. George Harrison was an apprentice electrician until he join Lennon and McCartney. So he might know much about physics*

I'm not in the mood to say much. BYE.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Isn't It A Pity

Last night I picked up my Grandma at the airport. She and her sister arrived back in Jakarta after spending 10days in Sumatera, her childhood place.

So my uncle and I had our dinner at the airport, buying two fish sandwiches at A&W. Before that, we bought a cup of coffee from a VENDING MACHINE. Here in Indonesia, vending machines are rare. It was me who was freaking out and crazy about that vending machine. My uncle had tried it several times.
So here are the procedure:
1. Put Rp5000 into the machine.
2. Choose what kind of coffee you want.
3. Wait.
4. Take out the coffee.
5. Drink.
That night, I bought two glasses of coffee. haha. silly.

okay stop.

Hari ini ada Try Out. Demi George Harrison, itu Bahasa Indonesia nya susah nya buset. Udah abis ngerjain Bahasa, langsung desparate lah habis itu Matematika. Akhirnya Mat bisa ngerjain tapi sebisa-bisanya gue brapa sih paling enem. ADUH. BESOK IPA PULA. cacatlah.

Terus hari ini gue mikir: Buat apa saya punya blog?
Dan saya jawab sendiri: Karena saya butuh seseorang or lets say seenggaknya sesuatu lah yang bisa dengerin gue. Mo nulis apa kek gue di sini, mo ada yang baca kek, mo kagak ada yang baca kek (kenyataannya sih emang gada yang baca) yang penting gue udah ngelepasin sesuatu hari ini. Dan gue itu orangnya suka nge-share. Sampe yang gak perlu aja gue share. Jadi kan temen gue pun belom tentu ada yang mo dengerin hal2 gak penting buat hajat hidup mereka. Sedangkan blog gak akan complain kalo gue nulis apapun. Seenggaknya gue udah NGERASA didengerin lah sama blog. LOVE YOU MY BLOG.

Pertanyaan kedua dan selanjutnya: Kenapa gue gendut, kenapa gue pendek, kenapa gue bodoh, kenapa gue gak kaya, kenapa gue suka *someone*, kenapa saya hidup, kenapa gue jadi lahir jadi Eunice, kenapa gue lahir taon 95, kenapa gue orang Indonesia, kenapa gue sekolah di sanur dari TK, kenapa gue harus pindah, kenapa gini kenapa gitu.
Jawab: . . .

More pertanyaan: Siapa dia, siapa itu, apakah dia, apakah mereka, siapakah mereka, apa mereka menyukai gue, apa mereka benci gue, apa dia sadar, mengapa dia nyebelin, mengapa dia itu dia, dll dll dll.
Jawab: . . . . . . . .

Belakangan ini menjadi pemikir yang serius walopun seriusnya gue seberapa sih. OMG (read: Oh My George).

Honestly there are still many things I'd like to share. But I just want to stop now. Udah kaya orang gila gue. Lagi mau mikir. Mikir tentang semua2nya. BYE.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Need You - George Harrison

Oh I love George Harrison

Honestly I can't put my ears away from Cobra Starship's Fold Your Hands Child. Valerie asked me to hear it then I just love it!
If you read the lyrics, they're soooooooooooooooo damn sweet I don't know why, I just love the lyrics.

One thing. I love when George Harrison sang (when he was still with The Beatles) ! Me likeey his accent. Different from John's Paul's and Ringo's. He didn't have great vocalist voice but he actually COULD SING. YES. For example Roll Over Beethoven (originally sang by Chuck Berry), Everybody's Trying to be My Baby (Carl Perkin's song), I Need You (his song), etc etc.
Undoubtedly, his next solo hits WERE SO DAMN COOL.

Stop talking about songs. I'm done. I think I like someone. Someone in my real world. Not George Harrison the former Beatle or Ringo Starr his friend, or Tintin from that comics I love, or another unreachable things. He is someone near to me. Whatever. Nobody can know who but me. Dan satu hal lagi bukan orang yang sedang ramai digosipin sama gue (dasar temen2 gue tukang gosip).
He has great eyes (I always love guys with great eyes). Not like my former crush who has sharp, sad, mysterious and deep eyes, he has an innocent and honest eyes.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

From Me to You

Gatau. Have no idea about the title. I'm listening to it. One of The Beatles' bests songs. ARGH!

Seharusnya gue lagi denger Cobra Starship buat siap2 nonton konsernya tanggal 23. Tapi The Beatles beat Cobra haha. Kemaren udah smpet hafalin dikit2 lagu Cobra: Fold Your Hands Child, Pleasure Ryland, Prostitution is the World's Oldest Profession, etc.

*now I have just changed the nowplaying to Ticket to Ride. aargh!! ILOVETHEBEATLES LAH POKOKNYA!!! CINTA!!!*

Hari ini di skolah duet sama Jessica Noorsita, nyanyi Good Girls Go Bad nya Cobra Starship.
Terus sama Ulla, Dela, dll bikin drama.
Oia di skolah lagi heboh yearbook dan acara graduation. Gue sih bodo amet lah mo kaya apa kek yg penting lulus haha.
Then this morning Chelsea, etc asked Valerie, Ulla, and me if the band wanna play in the graduation party. But we said no. Absolutely no. THEY've broken our heart already so we think we SHOULD NOT play in the graduation party.

Hari ini gue gak nyatet apa aja yang pengen gue tulis di blog. Pengakuan: sebenernya gue selalu catet kejadian2 lucu di skul buat nulis di blog. Tapi hari ini dan kemarin ngga.

*kembali nowplaying From Me to You. BAGUS DEH DONLOD YE SMUA!*

Monday, February 22, 2010


EMI music is gonna sell Abbey Road.
We, Beatlemania want to help prevent the sale of Abbey Road.


Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite

Speech. Some of our friends did speeches this morning. Dan lagi2 Jessica Noorsita did funny things. Seperti pas pelajaran BI kemaren, dia ngulang2 kata yang sama haha berkali2.
Then, our teacher Ms. K (The Beatles had Mr. K---> Mr.Kite, and we have Ms.Khrisna :D) said that no one is stupid. I said: Gimana kalo emang dia udah belajar tapi maksimalnya dia emang segitu? Yeah, people always has different point of view, okay.
And the saddest part was kita dapet nilai rata-rata TO terendah lagi teman. Kelas kita selalu dapet rata2 TO paling rendah. I don't find wrong things from our class, why did it happen? We gotta do more, pals!


Honestly, I slept. I think it's been like thousand years. But when I woke up, I found a fact that I just slept to miss 1question only (we were ngebahas soal2 from the book). That was not me who slept too briefly but it were my friends and teacher who discussed on that question too long.

Pak Bambang told a story (we always love his stories!). One day a highschooler told him that there was a junior-high-er who collapsed in the toilet. Pak Bambang RESCUE the fainted-girl *wooooo!!! cheeerrrsss!!!* and he became very sweaty and he said that he had lost some of his fat (haha but you still have THAT stomach, sir!). He was very tired and he thought he had burned some of his fat :D
When we was discussing of a question (dikasi soal kelas7 gitu ada gaya apalah mobil gitu. mobilnya lagi cepet, terus ada anak nyebrang jalan. mobilnya ngerem. anaknya ketabrak gak? pake itungan). Suddenly, Glenda, without counting, and without a physics-formula, she said that the car hit the child. When Pak Bambang asked why, she said: Kan kalo soalnya Pak Iwan kalo ada anak pasti ketabrak. Kalo Spiderman berentiin kereta yang mau jatoh, pasti berhasil, keretanya gajadi jatoh. HAHAHAHAHA YOU'RE THE BEST GLENDA! And if you count with the right formula, jawabannya emang itu!!!

For your information, our Geography teacher Pak Agus had just married like about 3weeks or 1month ago. Masih digodain sampe sekarang di kelas gue. If he did something jayus or something wrong, we would godain dia yang berhubungan dengan status barunya: married. For example today. As usual, he did something wrong and we would always said: ADUH BAPAK GAK KONSEN AJA NIH, MIKIRIN ISTRI YA DIRUMAH *dengan nada bercanda pasti*. Like that. Is that somekind of sarcastic? We don't think so :D.
Today, we talked about Sierra Madre Del Sur, a mountain in Mexico. One of my friend said Sierra Madre Del SUN. SUN*CIPIKACIPIKI* and SUN*makanan bayi*. Dan Pak Agus nanggepin. We godain him: Ih bapak udah mikirin makanan bayi aja, udah siap2 ya. and.. I don't know why, he talked about kalo dia masuk angin PAS MASIH BELUM NIKAH, dia suka makan bubur bayi SUN. Nah.. sekarang 'Ih Bapak sekarang kalo masuk angin dikasi sun sama istri ya.' like that like that. I hope Pak Agus would not be angry. All we did was just for fun and just kidding.

sometimes I love school.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

I draw :D

With a Little Help From My Friend(s)

So this is the story of my sleepover at Val's.


After school we went straight to Val's house. Then we did things with our laptops. In the afteroon, after we had a dinner with Val's grandmother, we were doing some covers, no no. TONS OF COVERS of MANY FABULOUS SONGS *lebay* And we uploaded Maroon5's Sunday Morning and The Beatles' Let it Be (check out on facebook). And we did the cover of BERMACAM-MACAM *if you know the song. it has the melody of ALUSIA(batak song) and the lyrics are for God*
At night Valerie baked garlic breads for us and we watched My Sister's Keeper. When we were wacthing, I found a flee. A dog's flee that can't be dead if you just hit it. So we BURNED IT TO DEATH. MUAHAHA MUAHAHA DIE YOU FLEE. DIE.
After that we planned to watch Equilibrium *if I right* but we were too sleepy to wathed. So we slept.

I woke up at 10 to six because my alarm thought me to. But Valerie didn't woke up till 6.30 -_- so we went to school and almost late. Haha. I've never been late, and the evil Valerie wanted to make me late.
After school we went home to Val's. Then we went to buy a plain T-shirt but we didn't find it. But we found plain and cheap shoes. I bought the white one and Valerie bought the black one. I was going to draw on my shoes. Valerie bought things in the supermarket too.
When we reached home, we ate nasi padang and it was so yummy and big-sized. Then when we were making another garlic breads, Elisa came. But she had to go to a course so she didn't stay long. That noon, Valerie's dog named Luna was taken by a buyer. So she went sad and cried :(
After that we went to EX-PI. I bought a John Lennon's Imagine bracelet at Hard Rock Cafe *shit they had The Beatles on the wall---I mean wallpaper*. And I bought The Beatles' 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band' CD and George Harrison's 'Let it Roll' CD.

Valerie bought a book about CSI something and a CD. We went to Adidas store at EX and found Star Wars Adidas *shit I want it*. Then we sat in Starbucks, eating and drinking, increasing fats haha. Then we stared at a live band show, which had Pasto *a duo group, singing*. We hoped we could see RAN but we didn't.
Back in Val's house. All night long we searched for chords, tabs, and etc, and we did covers. For example, Boys Like Girls' Two is Better Than One. But we just laughed during the song because Valerie did something stupid haha. And I helped Valerie took photoshots. Then she began to work on her pictures using Adobe.
Then we went to sleep. With Valerie's dog named Ling-ling.

I went home *fullstop*

Eunice and Valerie. Buddies and Pals.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


So today Valerie and me wore the glasses we bought yesterday. Everything is not fine from the beginning, for me, but I always tried to make myself as confident as I can. I think Valerie didn't feel anything strange. But me, mine is white, Valerie's is brown. So it's me yang selalu ditertawakan. Ngga ditertawakan juga haha cuma gimana aja. Putih ngejreng. It's the first time gitu.

My friends were fine. They often look at someone who wears the similiar glasses, so it's fine. THE TEACHERS WHO WERE NOT FINE, as I know they MUST BE WANTING TO LAUGH AT US, I MEAN ME. But it's okay. I often laugh at them too, honestly.

First of all, I just know that Pak Bambang wanted to laugh at me, since the first time he walked in to my class. But he just didn't laugh. I don't know why, but I think, next year there will be a school rule about glasses :P
Nah, yang unusual: Bu Tres. Valerie and me menyapa dia kan. Then she didn't say a thing, just smiled and she said,"Saya tidak bisa berkata apa-apa." And she walked away.
Pak Didi. He almost hit the teacher's room's wall (the one which nect to the door) because of laughing.
Then, the last. Bu Dewi. Bu Dewi was walking with Bu Tres. Sebelumnya kan Bu Tres have seen us and have laughed at us. Nah kayanya beliau whispered ke Bu Dewi. Jadilah Bu Dewi berhehe-ria with Bu Tres.

this is the glasses. not so funny though.

Terus hari ini ada Try Out IPA kan. I didn't study yesterday. Because of my laziness. And as usual, I didn't feel I could do the test. Biasa juga IPA gak bisa. But I am pleased ketika tahu bahwa lumayan deh nilainya. If it's not wrong, I got 82. Daripada yang pertama-->68 ini sangat amat mendingan dan better lah. I hope it's not wrong.

bye. I'm still in love with former Beatles, George Harrison

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We Found George's Camera!

Hari ini Rabu Abu, peringatan orang2 Katolik bahwa kita diciptakan dari abu dan akan kembali menjadi debu. Kita anak sanur attended Rabu Abu di Gereja Katedral, secara tinggal kepleset nyampe gitu (maksudnya skolah kita sebelahnya katedral).

Okeh. Misa berjalan spt biasa sampai: Adela Gunadi yg duduk tepat di row depan gue udah mo matahari-merahmuda (pink-sun; pingsan). Untung Clarissa Ardra sangat cepat tanggap langsung megangin. Guru2 juga siap siaga -_- Bu Jul, Bu Erna dan 1ibuguru lain (maaf lupa). Nah si Jenny Riveria disuru kipasin Dela kan.. Ibu Erna nyruh Jenny,"Jangan kenceng2 Jen kipasnya." Eh Jenny malah WOOOZ tambah kenceng. LOL dia gak denger hihihihih :D untung sih Dela gak jadi pingsan.

Oia terus tadi ada sedikit gossip sama Vania Josephine Rompas (Veve). Tentang si Gadis Cutter. Dia kemana2 bawa cutter di jaketnya OMG HOROR BANGET. dan yah selebihnya gak boleh diceritain disini kayanya. DANGEROUS, bisa mengganggu hajat hidup orang banyak.

Terus tadi temen sebangku gue Meily, dia bawa kunci mobil bokapnya. HAHAHA MEILY LO NGAPAIN MENN.

Siang2 nih sampe sore gue sama Valerie Djuhari ke Pasar Baru. Akhirnya kita punya kacamata RAY BAN HAHA (dia coklat udah lama gt baru ganti lensa minus, gue putih haha). Terus dia beli kamera jadul gitu hahah MINOLTA. Terus ada yang Pentax bagus. ADA JUGA YANG KAYA PUNYA GEORGE HARRISON : NIH

get to go. must study for tomorrow's try out.

p.s: someone's innocent eyes are better than his deep eyes. aaargh

Monday, February 15, 2010


Tugas mendadak dari Ibu Julia adalah maju memerankan tokoh dari sebuah buku, SENDIRIAN.
Pertama kita ke perpus untuk menemukan buku yang cocok. Gue milih GOLDEN COMPASS karna gue suka sama filmnya (yang main James Bond Daniel Craig hehe). Endingnya bagus kan: perpisahan Lord Asriel dan Mrs. Coutler (di film gada. tapi gue bayangin kalo Nicole Kidman sama Daniel Craig wuih pasti bagus). Dan gue memerankan adegan ciuman. Secara gue cuma sendiri di depan, ya taulah 'ciuman'nya kaya apa cuma sendiri -_- tapi lumayan mengibur kan? BENAR KAN TEMAN2? SAYA SANGAT MENGHIBUR HAHA.

Bagian Ulla dong "Salahin tuh cowo gw HAHA yg uda bikin gw aids, frustrasi dan make ky gini." Dia sebagai pecandu narkoba yang gak mampu beli obat2an lagi ngutang mulu haha. SERU ABIS COI!

Bagian Jessica Noorsita juga bagus. Sebernya serius, tapi malah jadi ketawa smua haha. *sial gue lupa bagian kata2nya dia yg diulang2 itu apa padahal gue pengen cerita*

Bagian Aggy dong! Dia tampar2an dengan diri sendiri HAHAH CAKEP GY! MANTAB!

Semuanya lucu dan menghibur deh! Temen2 gue gila smua :D LOVE YOU ALL PALS!


I miss this blog. I think I'm gonna write on this blog again. Sharing funny moments with you guys seems great. So this blog is officially activate!

Lately, I am a 9th grader. So long after my last post? hahah. not so long.

I love The Beatles.

And I'm doing my day as a usual 9th grader: Study Study Study.