Monday, May 31, 2010

Holiday (?)

Smua orang lagi pada kluar negri atau kluar kota. Jakarta sepi ahahahaah lebay. Yah Twitter lumayan sepi karna temen2 gue pada diluar negri :/

Om gue yg tinggal di Jerman keluar negri juga. Dia ke Jakarta -_- bak turis bule, dia pake kaos oblong tanpa lengan, cln pendek selutut, crocs (org jerman laku jg tuh crocs) sama kacamata item, plus bawa botol aqua 1,5liter (yg langsung abis dalam bbrp menit).

Yah sensasi baru lah ada orang Jerman di rumah ahahahaha -_-

Oia kegiatan liburan gue makan tidur jalan baca, ngomong2 baca, gue lg baca seri kedua dari seri Percy Jackson. Since I'm in love with Poseidon -_- hahahah.........

Terus I got new glasses karna the previous glasses rusaxxxx.

Apa lg ya y pengen gue omongin? Sudah deh, cupuk, eh cukup :)

Trying not to mention bad things in this post, padahal ada, as always.......hmmm okelah.


Oh and btw,
I ♥ Mom
I ♥ Dad
I ♥ Bro

Friday, May 28, 2010

New Edition

I want to start ɑ new edition in my life. Not just ɑ new chapter. New chapters aren't cool. New edition is cool. It means that we can start ɑ new book. New story. We can pick the title we like and we start from the beggining again. No relation with this old book. Close the last page after read the ending. And pull out ɑ brand new book to read. Not the sequel of the first book. I want the new one.

Ah. Can I?

Just wandering. If I could really forget the past.

"It's gonna take patience and time, to do it right." - I got my mind set on you - george harrison.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

what i want

- Another nike or adidas or converse shoes.
- another swatch.
- smurf hoodie and cardigan I found at zara.
- a Lomo. The fisheye one.
- an ipod.
- new acoustic (pop) guitar.
- a trip to Liverpool or Egypt maybe.
- lots of money.
- beatle things.
- making myself taller and thinner.
- attending mt highschool in Jakarta (this is no way happening)

And I need a peace mind. may I request for a smart brain and peacefull mind and have no emotion. I don't wanna have any of that effin emotions. No laugh no cry. It'll be fun.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

i suddenly remember ! ha!

Kemaren gue lupa lagunya Gpluck yg dimaenin smua. Udah gue sebutin beberapa di previous post gue. Tp mau nambahin. List lagunya ad yg kurang. Nih: I wanna hold your hand, please please me, from me to you. kayanya lagunya jadi udah gue sebutin semua. Kurang apa lagi ya.

Friday, May 21, 2010

another beatles night

Hari ini ultah temen gue Daniel Nathaniel dan acara syukuran smp cc dan reuni sd sanur. Ada acara gt. Kan makan2, ada yg ngeband2, nyanyi2, dan ada gpluck! Haha dunia perbitelan indonesia sudah mengenal ini band :) haha. Keren. Bawain sekitar 10lagu. Twist and shout, I saw her standing there, the ballad of john and yoko, a hard day's night, help, get back, obladioblada, roll over beethoven, eveybody's tryin to be my baby, lupa. Keren. Haha. Nice. Awesome. Ringo dan Lennon nya udah krezi miripnya. Woow!

Btw happy 15th bday Daniel.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bieber isn't wrong. You are wrong.

1. Justin Bieber isn't that bad. I like his songs and voice. But I am not obsessed with his cuter face or anything. Just like his musical thing. He's great.

2. Bitches are wrong and I found one in my life. She talked as if she was the most tortured woman in the world. Hey dude, everyone have their very own problems and we just don't tell it to other people in adition to make them have sympathy on you. I, indeed, try to look happy all the tine. Every minutes, every seconds, every steps I make. I try to solve my problems by myself and I ask somebody to help me just if I need it. Grow up you kid. Get stronger.

See you on my next blog post.
I am in a very good mood to burn this house.

P.S: I miss good people. I miss REAL friends.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

my blog is acting bitchy

Yes I hate my life now so I don't post much on my blog. Yeah people are having their vacations and I am here at home. Haha. How great. And life is getting more complicated as we get older. And this thing called hormone sucks. And I don't even wanna grow up. Like Peterpan. Yeah. What if Peterpan swap his life with mine? Ah :) And I don't have to do all this fucking things. Friendship is a great thing in Neverland. Enemies are enemies. Friends are friends. Not like in this fucking phony world. Like, we don't even know who is the Captain Hook here in our world. Everybody could be the bad guy. Everybody could be the good guy. Ah fuck. Bye.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

a goodbye disco

SMP Santa Ursula's graduation nite is the best. First we did misa ang things. Then a usual-graduation-ritual. Then we had some dinner. Ah I didn't eat much. Then we did the best part. Performances by every class. We (94) did great dude and we got the 2nd place :) And then we dance like crazy. We AJOJING together. Seems like bitches :p in a positive way. The DJ was good. The dancer (we) were great. And the teachers, they did DANGDUTAN style with disco music -_- gee. And after a tiring 1hour full of craziness and KELIARAN, we did the sad thing. Saying goodbye, thankyou, and sorry to everyone. Friends and teachers and I LOVE MY TEACHERS at the moment. Ah and we could cry as crazy as we danced. Our life won't be the same since this night. And I'm leaving. Gee I really really really don't wanna leave :( And I'll be glad if you all remember me as I will remember you and every single second I spent in this effin great and superb school. I love you Santa Ursula Jakarta.

no longer existing

We are no more junior highschool students. I am so saddddd and happpy. I got good scores although they aren't superb. Tonight is the graduation night. I think I'm gonna cry a lot haha. I'm attending my highschool in another city so I am leaving soon. God damn it. I'll miss all things happened in this school, SMP Santa Ursula. The friends, the teachers, the classes, the moments, the uniforms, every single part of it, evey single corner of this old building. I've been studying here since kindergarten, so it's been like I've spent 11years of my life here. I don't wanna leave if I could you know. But all things must pass. All those years ago. I thank God for every moments here. I'm glad that I could spent times here in The Green Jail and with all the pains and the laugh. All freaking fun friends, all freakin great teachers. Ah you such the greatest things happened in my life.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

what's that between Poseidon and George Harrison?

After reading Percy Jackson and the Twelve Olympians: The Lightning Thief which I borrowed from Aggy, I BECAME A LITTLE BIT OBSESSED WITH POSEIDON, THE GOD OF SEAS, EARTHQUAKES, AND horses--->this is confusing and funny :|

So I started Googling about Poseidon and the best story about him is: Poseidon raped Medusa in the temple of Athena and Athena got angry, then she changed Medusa's beautiful hair into snakes and her beautiful face became ugly. Haha poor Medusa.

In the Percy Jackson book, Poseidon was the father of Perseus Jackson (in the Greek myth, he isn't the father of Perseus). And I don't know why I saw him like I first saw George Harrison. Yeah um, beard + good eyes maybe. Harrison had his guitar and Poseidon with his trident. But maybe Poseidon had bigger biceps and triceps and other muscles -_- than George.

And since I was born with Aquarius zodiac sign, I like water-things very much. And good to know that Poseidon is the God of the Seas. Percy Jackson was lucky to be his son: he could heal himself with water, he could breath in the water, he can control rivers, waves, and even toilet water :O

Thank you for listening.
I want to be a daughter of eihter Poseidon or George Harrison. NYAHAHAHHAAH -_-