Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bestfriends Are Perfect Rivals

Btw Happy New Year Alles! :D
I am gonna make a tribute for all my bestfriends for being so good to me. But I don't know how to make something cool so I just typing here :D

First of all, I'd like to thank all my bestfriends, from two years of kindergarten, six years of elementary school, 3 years of junior high, and 6 months of highschool (cmon, I'm a newbe in highschool), and other friends outta school.


Oh this happened to me in JHS, in English course, and is happening to me in high school.

In JHS, my bestfriend and bestrival named Valerie. She and I were guitarists in the school band. That's the rival part and that's the bestfriend part. We laughed, we cried, we even fought! with Elisa too, we spent our 9th grade amazingly. She's a tough person. She had passion in art.

In SHS, this girl named Stefany Biantoro is totally having a genius brain. Maybe she is half Einstein or what. I've always looked up to her. She made me want to pass her scores. It gives me more self motivation. I want to thank her. And I am so proud my English mark is higher than her ;) (OH THAT'S THE ONLY ONE MAN! ALL MY OTHER SCORES ARE BELOW HERS HAHA). With Vei Ling, my other bestfriend, we will be some kind of evil geniuses hahaha. Btw Vei Ling is the kindest person of three of us hahaha :D Very good at being with money ;)


I got this in JHS. Oh nice nice time. Crazy lazy time. What a life! I gotta mention many names, man! Ulla Pangaribuan, Vania Rompas, Jenny Riveria, Claudia Lesmana, Chelsea Sari, Rhea Levina, Rani Olivia, Diana Silvana, Clarissa Ardra, Aggy Agatha, Jessica Noorsita and Febyane are the best among the very best girls.

Ulla. Mom, sister, devil, in a same person. Work hard, party harder. A good adviser to me. Crazy like hell. Mad as a bull. Wise as an owl. Funny. Sexy. Oia, good at economy and essay things. Met her in Santa Ursula JHS, class of 7.3.

Veve. She keeps the devil inside her beautiful face. Dance and keep dancing. Her mind is kinda dirty and somehow very funny. I wonder what is her brain made of.

Jenny. Dance in every breath she takes. Somehow innocent (I don't admit it though).

CL. A good artist. Very patient. Smart and funny at the same time (I rarely found this type of person). A girl with no anger. Diligent and a sweet pupil. I don't know how she ended up playing with us haha.

Chelsea. A total kind person. Good at laughing and design.
Rhea. A total ass. Insane. Lunatic. I gave applause to her photographs.
Rani. Nice kid type. I remember how she laughed and mocked people ;)
Diana. An excellent artist. Her trophies made her house full.
Isa. An awesome basketball player. White-hearted person. Truly a nice girl.
Aggy. The most plain girl I've ever met. I like her style. Cool. Good at basketball.
Noor. I remembered we got crazy with Ariyani and Maya :D Very nice time!
Feby. An awesome musician. Totally a big sis to me.

Ah I have only one super friend with this type. Khanza Defeorenzia Salsabila.
First time I know her, she was me, somehow. We had so much things in common. But as we knew each other, I found so much different things between us. Her English is high rated. She is good at quotes, critics, sarcastic sentences. A good photographer. A nice person. Mature and tough. A good motivator in my life.

But still, you had been my bestfriends, some time in my life. Maybe now we're not bestfriends anymore or what, I don't care. I'll feel regret if I don't post your name here :')

Elementary school bestfriends.
Alexandro Akbar Carrero. Ero. You were lovely! You were and still are a unique person. I thank God because He let me be friends wit you. You are a religious person until now I hope :)
Maria Yuliana Hendrika. Corry. You are one in the world, girl! I miss you btw. I remember how we played in front of the class :)
Maria. Although our last relationship was not too good, I thank you. And I am sorry :)
Cindy Yorza. I remember, you were good to me. I am sorry :) We were closed some time in the elementary school.
Daniel Dionisius. I don't know if I can call you bestfriend or not. You are a nice guy. Keep being nice.
Vania Angelina. We were bestfriends from the 4th grade or something.I remember playing in your house ;)

BESTFRIENDS I CAN'T SAY THE TYPE. (Cause they're very random)
Gadiza Olivia, Yosia, Zenia. You three are crazy. Nothing to say. You are older than me and crazier than me.

And the last, my bestfriend for at least 5years. Daniel Antonius Pasaribu :) Nothing to describe. you are the best of all.