Friday, October 29, 2010

LDKS Luar Kota CPO SMA Santa Maria Surabaya


We departed from our school at 6.30 in the morning. Using public transportation (bus, bemo), me and 5 of my friends went to a place somewhere in Pacet from Surabaya. We were the 1st group to go.
Arrived at Narwastu, we built a camp. Not too successful but nice enough.
Then after all groups arrived, we went to explore the place. There were some stops. The games in every stops were AMAZING.
We got some lessons too that day. Theories. meh.
Oia that day was Pak Wiwid birthday so the teachers did some craziness ;)

In the morning we went for another adventure. NICE. CAN'T WRITE HERE. NOT ENOUGH. HAHA.
In the afternoon we must make our own event. The event was outdoor, but it was suddenly raining so that we had to move indoor. And I was the MC. I was very sad because I made a lot of mistakes :(
Then at night we, one by one, alone, by ourselves, walked around that place, in the darkness. Kinda scary. But nothing happened ;)

Went home aaaaaa how I love the floor! We hardly found floors in Narwastu. Just soil. haha. We went home using a truck. nice and tiring.

I love LDKS nyaaa :D

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