Wednesday, December 8, 2010

'God Bless Ye Merry Gentlemen'

Heyya fellas!
Just recover from my chickenpox thing.
And I must do the final exams all alone cos everyone has finished by now.
And OSIS 2010-2011 presents Classmeeting 2010 on this Thu til Sat

Btw it's nearly Christmas!
Am enjoying Coldplay's Christmas Lights. Cooooool

And what I want for this Christmas are:
- coming home savely
- beatles things as I always want
- Maroon5 ticket (which was sold out in 1day. Fuck.)
- meeting with some good old buddies
- and a new bag. My orange Nike bag is totally broken :(
- more shoes shoes and shoes
- The Beatles Rock Band for PSP
- new swatch
- clothes

I think these weren't Christmas wish list but also birthday wish list ha ha
Yea whatever
Just saying, not hoping to much

God Bless You All, sleepyheads!
Have a great Christmas

Btw today (Dec8) is the celebration of John Lennon's death.

Kay, see yah!
Iloveyoudearsomeone :]

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